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Lubrication-enabled reliability relates to all activities that improve mechanical reliability. It offers specific benefits and opportunities that simply don’t exist with alternative reliability strategies.

We supply a comprehensive range of high-performance enhanced lubricants. These include industrial oils, extreme pressure greases, food grade lubricants, gear oils, open gear lubricants, synthetic lubricants and engine oils.

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We offer a very cost effective and environmentally acceptable replacement for outdated and hazardous asphaltic bitumen open gear lubricants.


Our Clear OGL is formulated with synthetic base oil and includes antioxidant, anti-corrosive, anti-wear and EP additives. It reduces friction and noise levels and is highly hydro-repellent and adhesive – which keeps the lubricant on the gear set – allowing for uniform, smooth, long-lasting lubrication.


Our oil circulating systems are often designed and built specifically to customer requirements & primarily consist of a reservoir, pumps, valves, inline filters, offline filters, heat- exchangers, piping, fittings and appropriate instrumentation & controls. No mechanical equipment is too large or too small for us to address.

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We supply and install Centralised Multi-Point Grease Systems that deliver exact and metered quantities of grease to multiple lube points from a centrally located grease reservoir.

We offer Dual Line, Single Line and Progressive systems which can be monitored visually or electronically.

The lubrication cycle is set up so that friction points are supplied with adequate lubricant, thereby reducing wear on bearings and friction points.


Offline Filtration is paramount to achieving and maintaining cleanliness levels that produce large improvements in machine life and availability.

When it comes to machine life, lubricant cleanup has proven to be one of the simpler and more cost-effective methods of achieving measurable improvement.


Our systems offer multi-staged filtration, which allows removal of large magnetic particles by our magnetic pre-filter. Larger nonferrous particles are trapped in the first layer of filter media, smaller particles are trapped in the second filter media and polishing is done by the final filter media.

Our units can be equipped with a water trap to remove free water, if the fluid has high water content.

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LubeRight is computer directed and controlled. The system makes use of RFID to fully monitor and record every lubrication cycle.

The correct amount of lubricant is dispensed at correct intervals in accordance with the bearing manufacturers requirements, thus extending the life of all the bearings.

Historical data is stored from every lubrication point and is presented on a spreadsheet report.


We supply a diverse and comprehensive range of filtration, separation and purification solutions for any fluid management needs.

Our high performance inline filters are specifically engineered to assist our customers to achieve their cleanliness goals for any volume of gasses, fuels, fluids and lubricants.

We offer a comprehensive range of low pressure and high pressure inline filters and filter heads that are suitable for single line as well as dual line change-over applications

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