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Any wear, corrosion, additive depletion, unburned diesel, dirt and water ingress to be found within a machine or engine will appear in its oil. Oil acts as an indicator of the internal condition of a machine or engine’s condition.

Through the analysis of a machine’s oil we are able to pick up problems such as excessive wear and dirt entry, before these problems manifest themselves in a total shutdown of the system.

By reading the trend of certain wear metal, contaminant or additives, one is able to employ preventative measures by repairing or replacing the affected part before it causes total machine failure.


By detecting thermal anomalies (areas hotter or colder than they should be), our experienced technicians can locate and define a multitude of incipient problems within the plant.

Unlike other condition monitoring techniques, thermal or infrared imaging provides the means to scan the infrared emissions of complete machines, processes or equipment thereby identifying anomalies immediately .

It can be used to detect problems in a variety of plant systems and equipment, including electrical switchgear, gearboxes, electrical substations, transmissions, circuit breaker panels, motors, building envelopes, bearings, steam lines and process systems that rely on heat retention or transfer.


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Regular machine vibration monitoring is a cost-effective method of predictive maintenance to extend machine service life and prevent unplanned shutdowns. We can perform regular vibration analysis of plant equipment as part of a preventative maintenance programme, or as part of a Root Cause Analysis service to determine the cause of a machine problem.



Magnetic Particle Testing is a non-destructive testing technique used to detect defects or discontinuities (such as cracks) at or near the surface in ferromagnetic metals such as iron, steel, nickel, cobalt, etc.

Magnetic particle testing is used to test girth gears and other machinery components to prevent failures or accidents.

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