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In 2011 CRC Industries Australia (Pty) Ltd formed a wholly owned subsidiary in South Africa called CRC Industries RSA (Pty) Ltd to take care of the growing demand in Southern Africa for their high quality industrial chemicals.  CRC products have been sold into Southern Africa for over 30 years and established a credible track record of manufacturing and distributing high quality CRC branded products into the Mining, Electrical, Industrial, Marine, Aviation, Automotive and Food markets.

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The CRC SmartWasher® is a bioremediating parts washing system designed to clean dirty equipment parts during repair and maintenance operations.

The system combines 3 essential components – the SmartWasher® parts washer, the OzzyJuice® cleaning fluid, and the OzzyMat® filter that contains a proprietary blend of microbes.

The SmartWasher® heats and circulates the OzzyJuice® and the OzzyJuice® cleans the parts. The OzzyMat® releases the microbes into the cleaning fluid to break down and eat oil, grease and carbon-based contaminants, creating a self-cleaning system that does not generate hazardous waste.

The SmartWasher® system harnesses the power of nature to deliver exceptional cleaning performance while also
eliminating the need to handle or dispose of hazardous waste, making it a safer choice over manual solvent
or aqueous-based parts washers.


Invented in 1950, Q20 is synonymous in South Africa, with lubrication, rust prevention, protection of your industrial and household goods, and moisture displacement.

Market penetration in South Africa is at an all-time high, with innovative point-of-sale concepts being implemented! The South African consumer can look forward to more exposure to the entire Q Range of Products

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